Southern Maryland Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

Primary Stage

This stage is geared for our scholars who have advanced through preschool, but still benefit from the structure of shorter tasks and hands-on learning, with an emphasis on laying a foundation in phonological awareness.  Activities will be balanced between social and academic skills.  This stage may be considered our Kindergarten, of sorts.

Children in the primary stage will begin their journey along our history timeline.  They will also engage with our memory work songs to help them learn key educational concepts.  At this stage, we will incorporate movement with the music for the children to be fully engaged.  

Our scholars in the primary stage will shift from sharing to presentations.  They will have the liberty to choose the topic on which they will share, but they will be sharing on topics we are studying from the Tour Guide.

We will spend time working on mastering our alphabet and laying a foundation for good reading, writing, and speaking.  We will have an activity each week that is a focus lesson on a skill in language.

Children in the primary stage will attend art and science classes with our scholars in Grammar stage, and activities will be adapted as necessary to allow them to fully access the learning.