Southern Maryland Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse


Our children in Preschool will engage in a variety of activities more geared to their age and stage.  Acknowledging their attention span, activities are designed to last approximately fifteen minutes each.  Activities will be organized “high/low,” which means that higher intensity activities will be followed up with lower intensity activities to help keep children interested while ensuring they don’t become overstimulated.

They will work on rhythm and movement through the lessons of Making Music, Praying Twice.  Each family will receive, on loan, CDs which relate to the specific liturgical season so that you may listen and sing along at home as well as at Catholic Schoolhouse.

In Preschool, our children will learn an important tenet of their faith in a loving, hands-on way through the gentle approach of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  Each week, they will learn a new lesson.  Units cover learning about the priests’ vestments, materials and gestures related to the altar, parables such as the mustard seed, prophecies using specific Bible passages to teach them about their Savior, Jesus, and liturgical seasons.

Children will complete a hands-on art activity that relates to the liturgical calendar taken from the preschool curriculum of Catholic Icing or 26 Letters to Heaven.  They will also focus on a particular letter each week, and these activities are infused with the Catholic faith.

They will have opportunities for sharing (a.k.a. show and tell) and will also have time for free play with one another.