Southern Maryland Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

A Closer Look

Upon arrival, our children will spend time on puzzles and quiet games until 9:00 AM.  We all come together in the Fellowship Room for Opening Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and Chorus.  From there, we divide our scholars into different homerooms according to their developmental stages.

Our tutors work diligently to prepare lessons which maximize the learning potential of your children.  By breaking into homerooms, our scholars form a tight-knit fellowship with their peers working on developmentally appropriate work.  In their homerooms, they lay the foundation of learning for our studies for the week, so that your children will have been exposed to the weekly timeline and memory work.  This is a strong support to families in that our scholars  have familiarity of the material when you continue their studies at home.  All of our homerooms take time out of their day to complete a science lab and an art project.

We conclude our day together as a chapter in our Fellowship Room with prayer.  Many of us stay beyond the instructional day for fellowship and fun with lunch and play together.  It is a time for the children to enjoy their friends, and for mothers to relax together.

This Fall, we will offer homerooms in Preschool, Primary, Grammar, and Upper Level stages.  We will also have a cooperative nursery available for infants and toddlers.  Follow the links on each stage, found underneath our A Closer Look tab to learn more.